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We do not have return policy, unless stated otherwise. Please consider well before purchase. Once item is sold, no refund/cancellation might be possible.

If you need any assistance in seeking a refund or to postpone, cancel or amend your trip, you can contact us at help@littlewalkasia.store. Please note that any request is subjected to approval and there is no guarantee that any request will be fulfilled.

You can always contact us for any return question at help@littlewalkasia.store.

Third party related claims
Littlewalk Asia cannot be responsible for any claims made to our partners or any other third party whose products or services have been rendered by you as part of the travel itinerary.


In the event where a refund or exchange is made possible, we will alert you on the contact information you have given. You can always check on the status by sending an enquiry to help@littlewalkasia.store.